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Current local time is 24 September 2018 @ 20:08:10 EDT


IRC Registry Services Outage

2018-09-07 22:33:58
Starting 22:40 EDT, The IRC Network Registration Services and the associated registry will be temporarily unavailable to conduct an upgrade process to a new version of the backend software. This update process should take 20 minutes at most.

Website Maintenence

2018-08-17 04:00:45
Web services are currently undergoing maintenence to improve performance and usability.

Incident Discussion:

Digibase Operations@2018-08-17 04:00:45:

Website is currently undergoing maintenence to improve performance and usability.

Kradorex Xeron@2018-08-18 06:32:13:

Currently progress is going well to upgrade the website software and our general web platform.

  • New framework installed, this framework will make it easy for us to spin up sites and to maintain a cohesive cross-platform design with minimal code.
  • Static content moved from main domain to static.digibase.ca with caching headers enabled. Will be running all image resources through reprocessing to optimize them.
  • Content updating is in progress


All Systems Normal • Nothing to Report

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