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Outages ticket CT-642512

Upstream routing issue

2019-07-24 18:28:29
Beginning at approximately 01:00 (1 AM) our network has encountered routing issues with the upstream provider.

Incident Discussion:

Kradorex Xeron@2019-07-24 18:42:39:

At 01:30 arrived on-site. Determined to be an upstream issue. Upstream provider was also contacted to jointly conduct diagnostics.

At 01:45 it was determined to be a configuration issue between our primary edge router and our upstream provider. Diagnostics indicate that network internally is not experiencing any issues.

At 02:15, a configuration change was completed that provided an alternate means to get our network online. This change was successful, but required temporarily renumbering our network. This subsequently required various DNS changes and a modification to our DNS infrastructure.

At 03:00, DNS changes were underway and propagating.

At 04:00, Services begun returning to the Internet as accessible.

Kradorex Xeron@2019-07-24 18:46:31:

Provider will be arranging to complete a reconfiguration of our routing session so we may reinstall the edge router that had to be removed to complete connectivity restoration.

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